2-Channel Infrared Headphones Instructions

Adjustable Headband

Adjust the headband to the size needed for the individual patron by pulling or pushing the ear pieces.


Use the power switch to turn the unit OFF or to select channel A or B. Adjust the left and right volume controls as desired to achieve a comfortable listening level. The monitor switch will mute the sound while the monitor button is held in. The patron may use the headphones as a receiver by plugging their personal hearing aid or earphones into the jack.

Captionwear User Instructions

Step 1

Turn On Power Supply

Put the lanyard around your neck, Captionwear™ on your head and slide the power supply switch on. The green LED will light. Sample captions will display. When you’re in the theater, a welcome message will be displayed until the movie starts. When captioned content plays, the captions will appear. Note: Not all previews or movies are captioned.

Step 2

Select Language

Push the red language button to select a different language or adjust captions that may appear upside-down. Note: The default language is English so it will not be necessary to push the language button unless you prefer another language.

Step 3

Captionwear Adjustments

You may adjust the knobs on the side of the CaptionWear™ to move the text up and down. If the text is cut off on the left or right side, use the front lever to center the text. The black focus ring may be rotated to improve the text focus.

Step 4

Turn off Power Supply

When the movie is over, slide power supply switch to off position. The green LED will turn off. Return the unit.

Note: If you cannot view the text, the captions may need to be project-ed into the other lens. Please see your Theater Operator for assis-tance.

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