116 min.

Eighties teenager Marty McFly is accidentally sent back in time to 1955, inadvertently disrupting his parents' first meeting and attracting his mother's romantic interest. Marty must repair the damage to history by rekindling his parents' romance and - with the help of his eccentric inventor friend Doc Brown - return to 1985.

Culinary Cinemas Menu

Chuck, it’s Marvin. Your cousin Marvin Berry
Spinach salad, seasonal berries, candied pecans, parmesan, balsamic dressing

Main Entree
This is heavy
Chicken pot pie, carrot, peas, puff pastry

I’m your density. I mean destiny
Red velvet cake, cream cheese, raspberry powder, mint

Specialty Cocktail $16 - not included in culinary package
Flux Capacitor
Absolut Vanilla, Midori Japanese Melon Liqueur, Lemon Juice, Agave Nectar, Grandeza Orange Liqueur, Coconut Cream.

Specialty Mocktail $12 - not included in culinary package
Plutonium Dude
Prickly Pear purée, Pineapple juice, House-made Mint Simple Syrup, Cucumber Water, Club Soda..

Menu curated by Nicko Moulinos


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7:00 PM


Monday, May 6

NEC Laser Projection  Culinary Cinema

Tuesday, May 7

NEC Laser Projection  Culinary Cinema

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